Epiphany Justice Solutions

Epiphany Justice Solutions is a multi disciplinary mitigation and sentencing advocacy group based in Ottawa and the Valley.

We have a combined 40 years experience in the criminal justice system, acting as advocates for criminal defence lawyers and their clients.

We will meet with your client, make collateral contacts with useful sources of information including family members, education/employment, treatment programs, medical records, etc;

obtain a full social history,

perform an assessment of risk and needs,

assist in development of rehabilitation, housing and treatment plans, bail and parole release plans, community sentencing recommendations, and secure appropriate community resources where required. 

There is equal justice for all regardless of financial situation. Cost will reflect individual ability to pay, private retainer, Legal Aid certificate, workplace benefits, etc.


Sentencing Advocacy and Mitigation - Preparation of pre-sentencing materials

Restorative Justice - For those offenders who wish to accept responsibility for their actions, we provide an opportunity to identify and address relevant and appropriate measures including restitution and letters of apology to become part of the pre-sentence submission,  A preliminary plan may be developed and its outcome verified pre-sentence.  We make recommendations for a restorative justice plan post-sentence with respect to the party directly affected by the crime should the Crown be interested in same. 

Stepping Stones for Opiod Recovery - Assessments, Treatment Plans, Referrals, Discharge Planning and Aftercare

Why Your Law Firm needs a Sentencing Advocate And Mitigation Specialist

In every case, we provide detailed information about the social, biological, and environmental forces that have shaped your client, relying upon interviews and record collection.  We act as a liaison between the defendant and the lawyer to reduce the burden on the attorney and to strengthen the relationship between the defendant and the entire defense team.  We work with the defense attorney to identify additional experts, such as mental-health, medical, or cultural experts, and then act as a liaison and information source for those experts.   

We conduct efficient and cost-effective investigations of your client's life history, relying on interviews with the client and key people in his or her life and on a strategic collection of important records. We pre-screen to identify mental health, substance abuse, or health issues that may require expert evaluation, and we facilitate the expert's work.  

We compile all of the resulting information into a unified narrative that attempts to explain not only the context of the crime, but also the client’s humanity.

Based upon our investigation, we prepare either a report or live testimony that provides a alternative, more detailed, and more accurate narrative than the one presented by the prosecution or by pretrial services and that humanizes the client.  We enable the defense attorney to present the client in the context of his personal history, so that prosecutors, judge, jury, and corrections officials are able to see our client as a whole person rather than simply as a list of criminal charges.  This work will better position the attorney to advocate for a reduction in the charges, and favorable disposition by plea bargain, a lower sentence after conviction, or needed treatment during incarceration. 

Of course, we will adapt our practice to your preferences, but generally, for each case we prepare a life-history chronology and a log of records gathered. We can also prepare written reports for each interview and will provide you copies of all the records that we gather.  

Together, we bring experience, professionalism, and passion to each case. We'd be happy to talk to you about our practice generally or about your mitigation needs on a specific case.